Head of Design, Señora Christina Mejia

Introducing Señora Christina Mejia.

She is my grandmother.

A retired third grade teacher of 43 yrs. Christina gained her masters in education attending night school at Boise State University. During the day she worked full time as an elementary school office assistant. On top of this she was raising her children, my mother and uncle, in a 5x10 caravan trailer parked next to the farm that my grandfather worked at driving tractor. 

She graduated with honors.

After some time formulating the ideas behind the Bad Hombre Wines project, I took a trip home to eastern Oregon where my grandmother still lives. There she watches after her two dogs (Rico, and Limbo) as well as the ranch house that once teemed with animals and local cattle-hands. It's now a graveyard to round corrals, and stalls holding only the ghosts of our old horses and cattle.

Once home after a bit of catch up she asked me the now normal question of "Well, did you bring me any wine?" as I open a bottle of Rosé for us we begin to discuss current events. It isn't long before she lets me know her sentiment on the current POTUS. We commiserate for a bit and I spill the beans about my new idea for a wine label. The eyes that I had imagined being filled with disapproval, had a glow of zeal that I don't recall seeing since graduation. All I remember her saying to me was "I like that idea mijo." After that we talked about her early years teaching, and some of the struggles that were, and still are a part of bilingual education.

A month later I returned home after multiple failed label designs. On the way there I purchased four art pads, and a set of calligraphic pens... My grandmother spent over 40 years teaching third grade students the patience inducing art of cursive handwriting. I thought, just what every Bad Hombre needs, a good teacher.

After some coaxing with Rosé, and a promise to buy about a years allotment of dog food. I had my label artist. 

So without any further ado, It is with great pleasure and happiness, that the Mejia Fermentation Co. brings you the inaugural release of the 2016 Bad Hombre Wines Rosé. 

We hope you enjoy it, and look forward to bringing you many more wines, and many more labels. 


-Marcus Mejia